Vlog 5: Bawse Lipstick and Potato Pizza

Hi everyone!  We had a super fun weekend full of family/family friend events this past weekend.  I wanted to share my new favorite red lipstick, and also my sister’s Potato Pizza recipe.  Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Blog post with my other two favorite red lipsticks

Here’s the link to Bawse (in case you want to buy it 🙂 )

Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii’s YouTube Channel – she is hilarious!  Especially some of her earlier videos!

America in Crisis…?

Alarms are ringing in my head, my mind is all over the place, and I just don’t feel even slightly at peace.  Good Morning America’s flashing “America in Crisis” headlines are not helping the situation at all…

I don’t know what is quite happening in our world: shootings, prevalent racism, violence and hatred (and that’s just over here in the USA.  Let’s not get into the meltdown the poor UK is suffering on the other side of the pond).  The shooting of officers in Dallas yesterday stirred up memories in my mind about a topic I learned in the Political Science class I took my senior year of high school.  I can’t remember exactly which philosopher it was and exactly what he said, but basically it was about ancient Greek and Rome, before there was a city-state or law and order, and people just did whatever they wanted.  Isn’t that somewhat similar to how people are behaving in this country lately…?

I don’t want to get into a discussion on gun violence here, but it’s hard to think about yesterday’s shooting (and other recent shootings, like teh Orlando one last month), without talking about the common thread – guns.  I’m all about protecting our constitutional rights, but I also think society has changed quite a bit since the constitution was written, and perhaps this particular right no longer fully makes sense?  Back in those days, guns were not nearly as powerful as they are now, and a single weapon couldn’t kill multiple people within minutes.  AND, I don’t have stats on it, but I would venture to guess mental health issues were also less prevalent back in those days, so perhaps there was less concern about that related to gun violence as well?  The discussion around guns has become so political that it’s hard for people to separate from that, but for me, I try to think about it in terms of safety and rationality, and not Democratic or Republican party ideals.  Just a week or so ago, here in Houston, a mother shot and ultimately killed her two daughters (aged 18 and 22).  Come to find out the mom had mental health issues, and the police had been called to her house 13 times in the past year, 4 of those times for suicide attempts.  How is someone like that even allowed to own a gun?  I really just can’t wrap my head around it.  In the state of Texas, where I live, numerous people we know own guns (and it’s an “open carry” state).  I’m always apprehensive about the fact that people all around me have the option to own a tool so powerful, and at their whim, they could fire it.  I agree that there’s been a large number of cases where police have unfairly used violence (usually against people of color 🙁 ), but shouldn’t we deal with the training of officers and the problem of racism instead of turning on each other and going on shooting rampages?  Isn’t part of the point of law and order and an organized city state to have people dedicated to protecting civilians?  So we should let them do their job, right?  And not take that into our own hands?  After last nights’ incident in Dallas, it seems like things are steamrolling out of control, and I, for one, am nervous to see how far this can go.  The shootings of Alton Sterling on Tuesday and Philando Castile on Wednesday led to the Dallas police shooting, and now I’m left wondering…what’s next…?

While I respect hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, #MuslimLivesMatter, etc., I, for one, will never use them.  I can understand the plight of various communities and how they feel (and I’m part of a minority community myself), but I whole-heartedly believe that instead of turning on each other and dwelling on our differences, we should focus our time and energy on banding together, supporting one another, and embracing our diversity.  Does racism still exist?  Yes.  But so does sexism, ageism, bias against people with different sexual preferences, etc.  Maybe all those things will always exist in some form, but I just don’t think violence is ever the answer.  There has to be a better, more productive way to deal with the issues our country has.  I hope we figure out those ways soon, because, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m truly fearful for what our country is coming to. 


Making History: Brexit and the First Woman USA Presidential Nominee



It’s no secret that a part of my identity is British, so obviously the #BRexit #BRemain historical referendum that the UK voted on yesterday (June 23, 2016) was of great interest to me.  For those of you who haven’t kept up, the referendum was to decide whether the UK would stay in the European Union (EU) or leave.  And with a vote of 51.9% to 48.1%, BRexit won; Britain voted to leave the EU.

I’m so sad!  While the decision may not impact my daily life right now, it could limit my future options, and it definitely affects a whole lot of people I know and love.  The decision also monumentally impacts the world; within hours of the announcement, various stock markets in the world fell drastically, and the value of the pound fell to the lowest since 1985!  And it resulted in David Cameron, the current Prime Minister resigning, and now Scotland and Ireland may want to leave the “United” Kingdom (effectively leaving just Wales and England as part of the UK)…

If I had voted, I would have opted in favor of the UK staying in the EU.  I think the UK being part of the EU united Europe, and had many more benefits than cons.  Not to mention, it opened up trade, travel, and immigration across the continent, all of which will be severely impacted by this departure. 🙁  I could be wrong, but it feels like some stuffy, old-school British politicians felt like the importance of the UK was being tarnished by being part of the EU, but I sincerely hope Britain can still thrive without the support of the EU…we live in a very different world than when the British Empire ruled, ya know?

I started thinking about the motivations for the UK wanting to leave the EU, and one of the main reasons seems to be anti-immigration sentiment, and the desire to stop immigrants from coming into (and “running”) the UK.  The xenophobia in western, so-called “developed” countries as of late really worries me.  And the scary part is that the anti-immigration, #BRexit campaign won.  It actually hit a chord with enough people, that they voted to pass the referendum.  Doesn’t this sound eerily similar to Trump in the USA 2016 election?  He’s causing mass hysteria against various immigrant groups, and there’s actually people buying into it!  I just don’t expect this kind of behavior in 2016 – I feel like the world is regressing instead of progressing!  For a few years there, I felt like we were in a good place – I didn’t feel as much racism, and I was hardly ever reminded I was brown when I was out and about.  But now we’re back at an uncertain place, where people are being more divisive than inclusive.  Aziz Ansari wrote a really great article today for the NY Times, that rings true with me as well, even though I’m not Muslim.  It’s a very scary world that we live in (take the Orlando shooting two weeks ago, for example), and no one, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference, should have to live in constant fear…

Here’s a few #BRexit articles I came across today that I thought were worth reading:

What Does the Brexit Mean for Americans Traveling to Europe

‘Brexit’: A Very British Fiasco

I was joking (maybe only half joking?) to my mom and sister earlier that with the UK’s decision, and Trump potentially becoming President, maybe we’re heading for a rise of the developing countries (like India).  I’m so incredibly proud of being British and American, but this year, I’m a little embarrassed by the actions of both countries.  And worse, I’m fearful for the future of both…

On a positive note though, on June 6, Hillary Clinton became the first presumed woman presidential nominee for a major US party!  About time, right?  It’s been 96 years since women were first given the right to vote (and 227 years into this country’s history).  Nonetheless, better late than never!  Girl power!!!!

I love witnessing history in the making…!!!  I just keep hoping for better times ahead…


My beautiful, beloved London!!!

Vlog 4: BBQ Diaries

Hi everyone!  This past weekend was our annual family BBQ, so here’s a vlog of me preparing Hariyali Tofu Tikka (we replaced paneer with tofu 🙂 ). I also share my “recipe” for the non-dairy tea I now drink (it’s very simple!)

Enjoy! 🙂

You can find the recipe on my older BBQ post (just replace paneer with tofu).  To drain the tofu of all excess water, you want to wrap it in a towel, and then put something heavy on it (a big book, a heavy pot, etc.).  Leave for about 30 minutes, and you should have a solid block of tofu with minimal water 🙂

We also had:

  • Chilli-garlic mogo (cassava)
  • Grilled veggies
  • 3 marinades for the veggies – buffalo garlic, mango, and garlic/balsamic vinegar
  • Chipotle bean burgers with cilantro sauce
  • Grilled corn on the cob
  • Fruit and pound cake skewers
  • Grilled pineapple